Tuesday, September 27, 2011

About Face[book]: You Only Get 420 Characters

When I say that you only get 420 characters, I’m not talking about how many people you can "friend" on your FB page. Nope. I’m referring to the total sum of letters, punctuation, etc. you are given to write each status update. Did you know that 5 trillion pieces of content are shared each week on Facebook? Was your status update one of those?

Maximize your 420 characters with these tips. Hopefully, it will help increase your fan/friend base and keep you connected to your supporters. For example, did you know sharing increases when you post in the morning? And another proven tip: Always post on Fridays. That day has more active viewing than any other day of the week.

More tips:

First, apply these researched tips (complete with graphs!) from Dan Zarrella of The Science of Social Media and improve the odds of getting your posts read, liked and shared.

1. Simple language gets shared more.

2. Use these words, get shared more: How, Why, Most,World, Facebook.

3. Positivity gets shared, negativity doesn’t. Look for the hope.

Second, use these grammar tips.

1. Use nouns and verbs. Avoid adjectives and adverbs.

2. Write direct and succinct: 1-4 lines max with 1-2 lines the best.

Third, be personable.

1. Post a profile photo; if you can’t for security purposes, use an avatar.

2. Complete the info section; show how interesting you are.

Fourth, include these elements.

1. Posts with video/photos get read more.

2. Add links.

3. Use humor. (remember: positivity gets shared; negativity doesn’t)

Next week we will cover content, including humor. Specifically, what you can write about to keep your 420 characters, I mean, your friends/fans engaged and coming back for more.


OliveTree said...

Thanks for these tips, Cindy. Since I'm new to Facebook, I don't actually update my status very often, sometimes I don't even know what to share that would interest people.

Your tips are helpful, and I'm looking forward to next week!

LOVE your last line about the 420 characters/friends! ha ha

Karin said...

I love facebook. Have been a junky there for the last two years. I try to write something encouraging, funny and heartfelt every day.

I must say I think it really has helped me to say what's on my heart in a small amount of words. As weird as it might sound, I think my writing has improved using facebook.

Thank you for touching on this point of writing too.

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

Thanks for your comments, OT and Karin! And thanks for thinking the last line was humorous...I have a hard time with humor--like, is it???

And yes, Karin, other writers are saying that FB and Twitter are making them better writers too...edit, edit, edit. I agree. Hope you all are doing well as you serve...your friend, Cindy


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