Other WOTH Blogs

Offering Worldwide Connections to Women Serving Globally

Coffeegirl's Community: It's a place of connection between women serving cross-culturally and the WOTH ministry. We post fresh content weekly on Tuesday; featuring the “Story Behind the Photo” -- the back story of the photo used in Picture Praise, WOTH's free e-photo devotional, by the woman who took the shot. 

Coffeegirl's Community also offers: 
An archive of 18 months of Coffeegirl Confessions—the musings of a first-term woman serving cross-culturally and the life she encountered.
Plus a blog roll of 75+ women ready to connect in the global harvest fields!

In Real Life with Jamie Jo:  Jamie Jo, our colorful and sassy blog host, is a woman who has been on the field for 25 years; she picks up where Coffeegirl left off, posting new content weekly on Wednesday.

A gifted storyteller and writer, Jamie Jo draws women in with her provocative and humorous style of keeping it real while serving the Lord in a cross-cultural setting. She gets your life...because she’s living it too! 


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