Monday, June 28, 2010

Where's Linda???

Dear Friends,

I inadvertently told our next blog host, Linda Thomas, that her post would begin today. And then she told her friends, and now, I bet everyone is wondering: "Where's Linda?"

And then, I told about 10,000 onlineMagazine subscribers the same thing today...I'm firing my calendar; it couldn't have been me.

Please come back tomorrow!
We will be posting each Tuesday for the next 5 weeks on the topic of writing a memoir.

Sorry for the confusion...

with humblest apologies,
Cindy Blomquist, Editor


Linda said...

Hey, Cindy, no need for apologies!


Jamie Jo said...

I'm looking forward to this next series. Writing memoirs is high on my procrastination list.

Linda said...

Hi, Jamie Jo, I know you have lots of stories to tell!

The Queen said...

hee hee - I concurr - it was the calendar!!! Will check back tomorrow.


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