Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Read My Writing: Generosity of Spirit

I don't know why generosity always amazes me. When I experience it, I find myself reveling in a state of disbelief. When I see it happen to another, I am shocked and delighted and a little jealous. Even though my Father is the one with a thousand cattle grazing on the hill, I still forget His generosity is never-ending. The world that envelopes me is competitive where the getting and the giving are usually quite measured. I succumb to believing generosity is in short supply.

Something special is happening on this blog; you all are amazing me with your generosity of spirit. It was after I put a call out for articles that I noticed. One woman wrote in suggesting another's blog post for publication. I was transformed by that one simple act of generosity. I checked out her recommendation. [It was quite good. We published it.] And then I clicked over to her blog. [It was quite good. We published one of her posts too.]

As I was reading the blogroll today, I noticed the same generosity of spirit through your comments to one another. There is a network of mutual encouragement happening weekly. Let's keep perpetuating this life-giving and inspiring spirit. I love to read your posts about the ministries you are involved in; by the very nature of your work, you are generous. But what defines "generosity of spirit" best to me is when you write encouraging comments about what one of your writing colleagues posted. This type of currency is priceless, and I must admit, in short supply. There is nothing more lonely than "0 Comments" beside a well-written, heart-on-a-sleeve post.

Let's not leave each other dangling. When you read good writing, be generous. Comment. Share. Like. Submit. One small act of kindness in my Inbox awakened something in me: generosity. My little measured heart is enlarging each time I release it. I wonder, though, if I will ever lose my amazement.


Jamie Jo said...

Just so you don't have a "zero" comment count when you check this morning, I thought I'd say how much I appreciate the blog roll here - when I have time to take advantage of it. I agree about the amazing stories out there!

(Haha, I deleted the comment before you discovered a horrendous grammatical bloop!)

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

thanks for not leaving me dangling...C

OliveTree said...

Hi Cindy! Great post on something so important. I was also blown away by the act of generosity you mentioned!

The blog roll has been a great encouragement to me.

Nancy said...

Well said! Since becoming a missionary I have been overwhelmed at time by the incredible generosity of others. I am not at all surprised that someone recommended OliveTree's article. She has a terrific blog.

Katrina said...

I heartily agree! There are many ways to be generous. I've tried to make a point on my blog's Facebook page to frequently share posts that I've read and liked. I call it the "Daily Share."

Kris Thede said...

Agree. I find that serving in a location without other teammates close by or any other 'foreigners' some days the only encouragement I may receive is from a friend leaving a short note on the blog. Reminds me of that wonderful support team out there working toward the same goals. And when I have some down time I visit others on the blog roll for additional encouragement and to learn more ways to pray.

Thank you.


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