Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About Face[book]: Linking to the Cause You are Passionate About

Back in February we asked the question: Is Marketing a Dirty Word? The writer, Elizabeth Givens, put it well when she answered with this: "I've just spent the morning writing "marketing" materials. My goal will use what I've written to secure prayer, funding, and people for the least-reached of the world. I have no underhanded motives--but as I wrote, I targeted each piece to a different audience." Utilizing your personal and ministry Facebook pages can help you target those you want to reach with a specific message as you serve out your cross-cultural life and the cause which you are so passionate about--expanding God's Kingdom.

As we continue, I'm working from the premise that:

1. Most of you have personal blogs.
2. Some of you have ministry blogs/websites.
3. Most of you have an agency website.

Using one of our unsuspecting bloggers listed in our sidebar, I am going to show how to get some interest going for you personally and for your ministry simply by posting on your FB pages.

1. Jamie Jo has a personal blog...and she has a personal FB page [with friends she feels comfortable enough with to talk about...] On her personal blog, she tells stories that appeal to her best girlfriends, but also she tells of things she'd love them to know about so that they can pray more intimately with her.

Weekly FB Plan of Action: post her current personal blog post (link) on her personal FB page with a funny blurb to go with it: My Favorite Body Builder.

Reason: Keeps your cross-cultural life in front of your friends so they don't forget you!

2. Jamie Jo has a ministry blog...but I'm not sure if she has a ministry page on FB. So I'm advocating she create one. Then she can start a campaign for her supporters to "Like" this page when she sends out her next email newsletter.

Weekly/Monthly FB Plan of Action: When she posts her detailed ministry updates on her ministry blog, she can alert her supporters on the ministry FB page to go check out what's going on in her field of service with this provocative status update/link: What caused this teen to say, "I was abruptly stopped in my tracks of selfishness." Of course, she can post this on her personal FB page too!

Reason: Keeps your cross-cultural life in front of your supporters so they don't forget you.

3. Jamie Jo works for a particular agency that has a website full of current interesting information.

Occasional FB Plan of Action: Link out directly to any articles, information highlighted on the website that would be of interest to her supporters/friends.

Reason: Keeps your friends/supporters informed on the bigger picture of expanding God's Kingdom.

Keeping your friends and supporters engaged in your life overseas is crucial. Facebook is a tool that can make that easier for you. Being a good writer can only help in this process. A cleverly worded FB status update with a great photo will generate a curiosity that will drive people to your current blog post and read about the life you are passionate about. I want to commend Jamie Jo for posting a gift that contained chocolate last week on her FB looked so yummy and beautiful that I was drawn in for a closer look. She obviously read last week's post on the "Topics People Love."

What have you done on Facebook to garner interest in your cross-cultural life?


Karin said...

One time I shared 5 things that makes our family different from any other family. I shared the fact that we take our shoes off at the door, we heat our TV set with a hairdryer to start and we speak 3 languages in our home daily, toilet paper goes into the bin and not the toilet etc. Some of my friends responded also with 5 things in their home that made them different. It was lots of fun.

I often post interesting pictures of cultural events of where we live or would mention something interesting I ate or saw or somebody said in my host culture.

Even a recipe that is very cultural but I know the broader world would love to eat.

I love facebook and use it as a tool in many ways to keep my friends and family updated on my life abroad.

I have one "small" problem some of my local friends and neighbors are part of my facebook too so I keep it "mild" and try to stay away from sensitive issues. I actually would love to share more deeper on my heart but because of their presence I do not post my personal blogs on facebook.

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

@Karin...laughed at the hairdryer and the TV: your life is sooooooooo interesting. Thanks for your ideas. I'll probably use a few on our WOTH FB page. You pointed out the what happens a lot...your community includes those whose culture you are writing about. your friend, Cindy


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