Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Author Characteristics

While we wait for our next blog host to show up--she's coming next week--I'll give you a list of best-author characteristics given to me at a workshop at the Evangelical Press Association Convention last week by the Loyola Press Senior Editor and author of The Soul Tells a Story, Vinita Wright.

Best-Author Characteristics

1. Willing to learn what the editorial process is and how best to participate in it

2. Meets deadlines

3. Responsive to editor

4. Has a worthwhile and fresh message

5. Openness: really tells the editor what she thinks and feels; the editor feels she knows the writer's opinion and won't voice a different one to someone else in the company (magazine/book publisher)

6. Understands that, even though she's accomplished in some areas, there's always more to learn

7. Listens to and does her best to process the editor's suggestions and instructions

8. Argues with the editor when she really thinks she's right; has thought out reasons for wanting to go her own way in specific situations.

9. Understands that being a good speaker, teacher, or pastor does not automatically translate into being a good writer

10. Enjoys brainstorming with the editor about the ideas in the book/article and ways to organize and present them

11. When upset, processes emotions before responding to the editor

12. Respects the job the editor is obligated to; respects her editorial opinion even though she doesn't always agree with you

The Soul Tells the Story synopsis: There is a reason artists tend to feel a sense of the sacred in their work. It's the same reason those on the path of spiritual formation find that creative exercises lead them into a deeper, more authentic experience with God. Creative work is soul work, and soul work is always creative work. Feeding one while neglecting the other will leave you restless and unsatisfied. Nurturing them both will lead you to new places of self-discovery and God-discovery. "I believe that spirituality and creativity are intricately connected, yet they are rarely nurtured and talked about that way," contends Vinita Hampton Wright. In these pages she leads you through the process and practice of integrating the worlds of Christian spirituality and creativity. You will find both inspiration and practical help for
  • embracing the life that chooses you
  • understanding the spiritual process of creativity
  • facing the self you have to deal with
  • comprehending the relationship of sexuality to both art and soul
  • developing a supportive community for your work
  • thriving as a creative person in the real world
The Soul Tells a Story helps you to turn frustrated longings into satisfying growth.

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