Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[BLOGS] Discouraging Stats: Blogging Woes - Robin W.

Have ideas? Yes.
Have a blog ? Yes.
Enjoy writing? Yes.
But STILL don't have the readers? YES!!!

Well I am here to tell you DON'T GIVE UP! You don't need to change your voice to get people to start reading your blog.

Note: This isn't an unrealistic weight loss program or campaign slogan, it is an easy way of making some simple changes that will completely change your blog.

I was in your same position when I moved to Jordan about 9 months ago, and thought that between family and friends I would have good reader base. But I was shocked to find out I didn't! So I started making some changes, and since then I have had incredible results.

In the next four weeks I will take you on a journey of creating a vision and putting it into action while gaining the most readers as possible. Whether you want to publish recipes, travel adventures, pictures, or simply everyday life—there are little things you can change to grab people's attention.

Time an issue? I promise I will NOT tell you:
1. You need to post everyday.
2. You will need to change who you are or how you write.
3. You need to get rid of your blog and start over.

So take a deep breath, and enjoy writing as I begin to break down some helpful tips to improve your blogging experience. My ultimate goal is to encourage YOU as a writer, so please feel free to contact me with any personal questions.

First you want to create a focus, a vision-statement for your blog. My blog, Love Notes to Abba, started off being very faith-based, which limited what I could write about; thus, creating instant writer's block after a few weeks. Later, I widened my focus. A common misinterpretation is that a successful blog needs a NARROW focus, but it doesn't. It needs a vision. You can see my vision on my About Me page—it is simple. I choose to write about “injustice, faith, travels, and the daily happenings of a 20 year-old girl choosing to live radically for Christ in the Middle East.”

By creating this wide vision I am able to freely write funny posts about daily life, serious posts about the news, exciting posts about travel, and life-changing posts about my faith. This mixture adds flavor and variety to my blog which keeps my audience reading.

Yet a blog should still have a constant, and never stray too far from the vision. Your readers should feel your passion as if they were walking along-side you on this journey.

So this week ask yourself these questions:
1. What is the purpose of my blog?
2. What is the focus of my blog? Have I clearly stated it on my blog for my readers?
3. Is my focus too narrow? Or Is my focus so broad that my audience doesn't know what to expect?

Stay-tuned for more on:
Themes and Layouts Made Simple, yet Beautiful
The Importance of a Title and Comment Etiquette
How To Make Your Writing, Reader-Friendly

Please feel free to contact me or post any comments. I will be checking in throughout the week.

Blessings from Jordan.

Robin W


Jamie Jo said...

Nice to "meet" you, Robin. Thanks for hosting these blog writer classes. I'm always open for fresh ideas.

Could you take a look at my "about me" and "about my blog" sections and let me know what you think? Maybe I should combine those?

Finally I started a ministry blog that is separate from my more personal blog just because I couldn't figure out how to shift gears mid-stream and stay focused.

Robin W said...

Jamie Jo,
Thank you for commenting and reading. Like you said in your about me, comments are a blogger's paycheck.

First of all I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog, and last summer I spent two weeks in Oaxaca. Beautiful place. Anyway, thank you for writing.

As to answer your question I looked over your blog. My first reaction was YES, combine it. However, after reading both: I found that your Blog and your About Me has enough of a difference that it should be kept separate.

Why? Because my fear would be that you would combine it, and people would only read half way down the page and not get the "full effect".

For me, my about me is my blog. My blog is ME: in thought, in faith, and in heart. You write memories, happenings, and the inside-scoop on life in your family and for you. Your "about me" defines you as a writer, and your "about my blog" defines the purpose.

I like it, especially because you have more than one blog. If you had only one blog I would also think that you should combine, but because you have more than one having a clear "about this blog" link is important. What makes this blog different than the other. Clear, good.

Won't take offense if you decide to go the other way.

Just my honest opinion.

Thanks again. Love from Jordan, Robin

acommonwoman said...

I am so excited about about your series on blogging! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us better our blogs. Looking forward to future posts. Also, I love your blog.

Jamie Jo said...

Thanks so much for the prompt feedback, Robin. I'm glad it's okay "as is" though now I really am interested in how to get people (especially our friends/supporters) to actually read it.

I look forward to reading your blog to learn by your example. Great stuff.

Acommonwoman, your blog is great, too! It's always fun to find new blogs to read. These are like modern day missionary biographies. I love good stories, especially true ones. Your "about me" was a fun read, too. In very few words I feel like I know important things about you.

OliveTree said...

Robin, thanks for your input on blogging. I started a blog just three months ago, so I will look forward to the next few weeks.

Are you not worried about security? I don't know to what extent I can promote my blog due to security issues... But I am still enjoying it.

I'm off to think about my vision!

Robin W said...

OliveTree: Yes I am, that is why my blog is not connected with search engines, and is marked as private. I promote people signing up for email subscriptions. Which helps me to monitor more carefully. However, I am taking a risk. But I am careful what I say in my blog. In Jordan I am free to be a believer in Jesus Christ, just not a sharer.

acommonwoman: YAY! thank you... me too! I am excited for this corporation. I know there are things I can learn. I am excited to see everyone's blog.

Jamie Jo: Like I said to OliveTree I promote people email subscribing to my blog, which sends them a email with my post as soon as it goes out. So even if they aren't clicking on my blog, they are still getting my post. More on that later.

Blessed by all of you.

OliveTree said...

Wow, Robin, your security situation sounds quite similar to mine. I'm taking a bit of a risk as well with my blog, but I figure if I am asked to leave, it will be over many things other than blogging!

Blessings on your blog and ministry. Your location are fairly close to mine!

Jamie Jo said...

When the post is emailed to people, are the photos included? Oops. I see you will talk about this later. Thanks. You can see we are interested in this topic. If supporters didn't have to click on a link to the posts, they would be more likely to actually read them.

Robin W said...

Olive Tree: Really? YAY! Nice to meet a fellow middle easterner. :).

Jamie Jo: Yes, however they sometimes lose their formatting. However, I use wordpress. So try subscribing to your own blog, writing a post and seeing your email.

more on this later.

Nancy said...

Hi! I just found this and I tried to check out your "about me" page but it is password protected.


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