Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cheese Stands Alone

from our one entrant and deserving winner of our
"Searching for Beauty" Simile Contest

From Christine Harms:

Knowing a Haitian woman is like having a Royal Poinciana tree--she is fruitful, surprisingly colorful, and spreads her arms wide.

What a gorgeous simile...thanks, Christine, for taking the time to share the beauty of the women you serve. I'll be contacting you with your prize: a $15 iTunes gift card.

Of course, if Christine's simile is kick-starting your creative process, please submit your beautiful simile in the comment section this week.


Nedra said...

Brazilian women are as resilient as wild flowers that, after raging winds and torrential rains have flattened their blossoms and bent their stems, stand erect and bloom again.

Cindy Blomquist said...

@ Nedra: glorious!
I hope that we can get a simile from as many regions possible...what a great tribute to the women we serve.

Jamie Jo said...

Ooh, nice! Both of those are beautiful. I've never known the name of that tree in English. Now I will look outside at mine and think of this simile. What a wonderful picture. Thank you.

I just took off the exclamation mark after my thanks, Cindy. See? We are learning from this blog. Now I am paranoid of needless words and punctuation. Next I want to practice some good similes. Wonderful inspiring lessons.


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