Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being a Scribe for Others--Carol Ghattas

Let me share with you a little about my own story. Being able to serve alongside my Egyptian-American husband for the past 20 years has given me the privilege of seeing the world not only through a typical American lens but through the Arab one as well, as he has helped me understand culture in a much deeper fashion. Not only am I blessed because of Raouf's guidance in understanding, but I've been blessed to be the partner of an amazing evangelist and communicator.

Because I have seen many exciting things through Raouf's work, I became aware of the importance of sharing that with others. Our goal in ministry was to multiply ourselves--through discipleship, mentoring and training. We cannot do that only one-on-one, so I felt led by the Lord to write down the principles and techniques I saw Raouf use in order for others to benefit from them. This led me to begin writing a church planting and evangelism newsletter, which I did monthly over the course of two years.

Through this I saw a way the Lord could use my ability to write to encourage the Body and build workers. From this came papers on various subjects for the local church and larger body of workers. Then, with the title Raouf gave me, Lust Under the Veil was birthed as my first novel. Though fiction, I have been able to weave many of the real-life experiences we've had on the field as well as some of Raouf's evangelistic techniques into the stories, allowing us to multiply ourselves and the Lord's work in a creative form.

Perhaps you are an introvert like me, who lives or works with a "Paul, the extroverted Evangelist." Just as the Apostle Paul used scribes to write his letters to the churches, is the Lord calling you to serve as a scribe for your husband, co-worker, or ministry?

While the Lord has used me to disciple Muslim-background believers, host countless visitors and a house-church, along with raising two boys on the field, I still find some of my greatest moments of fulfillment in writing--knowing that an article or book can reach people I may never meet. Being able to use your gifts to share with others about a husband or co-worker's ministry is a wonderful way to be partners in God's work. When we recognize our differing gifts and appreciate them as such, both partners can be encouraged and used more fully to His glory.

If they talk--you write! If you talk--then let them write! Whatever you do, get it down on paper that the acts of God will be remembered!

[Editor's Note: This is Carol's final post. Thank you, Carol! I loved how the Lord brought you to this blog.]



Thank you so much for your input and blessing us with your experience and wise words. Blessings Karin

CarolGhattas said...

It has been my pleasure and a lot of fun to do this. Thank you for reading and taking time to give encouragement! We all need it! Blessings,

Wendy said...

This is a dream of mine too - to be able to tell others' stories. I am not an introvert, but know that many around me have much more experience and knowledge than I. If I can use my skills to get their stories out, then I'm using the gift God gave me.

Jamie Jo said...

Thanks for your encouragement in the whole area of writing. I have grandiose visions and plans of writing fiction, but it helps to rub shoulders with those who have actually been successful in publishing their works. I'd like to look into some of your books next time I am stateside.

CarolGhattas said...

Dear Wendy and Jamie Jo,

So glad you have been encouraged to dream those dreams and put them into action! We all need encouragement from time to time, and you have been that to me today. Jamie Jo, when you are able to read any of my books, I'd love to hear back what you thought. All writers love to know their work is meeting a need. Thanks ladies, for your service to the Lord.



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